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Welding robot system

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Product introduction

Product Name: welding robot system (general type)
Number: 92846-676
Model: YA1400 arc welding robot has compact appearance, small size and light weight. It is a special arc welding robot. The welding stability is strong, can carry on the welding work flexibly in the narrow space, may conveniently choose the ground installs, hangs, upside down. YA1400 characteristics: wrist load is 6KG, and the maximum radius is 1405MM.
Product features:
Small volume
Light weight
Fast running
High precision of repeated positioning
Strong welding stability
Equipment parameters
Wrist load 6KG
Maximum working radius 1405.5mm
Joint velocity
J1 150 /S
J2 150 /S
J3 160 /S
J4 360 /S
J5 320 /S
J1 360 /S
Joint range
J1 + 165 degrees
J2 +65 degree - -180 degree
J3 +160 degree - -110 degree
J4 + 170 degrees
J5 + 120 degrees
J6 + 360 degrees
Instantaneous allowable maximum torque
J5 54Nm
J6 23Nm
Weight 129kg
Weight positioning accuracy + 0.05mm
The working temperature is 0-45 degrees centigrade.

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