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Nozzles for numerical control flame cutting machine

Part of the article: Popularity:Time:2018-07-03 16:32

Answer: CNC flame cutting machine cutting nozzle is also one of the vulnerable parts of equipment parts. Therefore, the proper cleaning and maintenance of the NC cutting nozzle can not only improve the working efficiency of the CNC cutting machine, ensure its cutting quality, but also prolong the service life of the CNC flame cutting machine. Thus the production cost is reduced. Numerical control flame cutting machine cutting with large thickness carbon steel cutting ability, because of its cutting workpiece thickness, vertical cutting surface, plus lower cutting cost advantages, has been the CNC cutting equipment has been more popular than the customer cutting mode. In the daily processing and use, the use of common sense and attention to the cutting mouth includes the selection of the cutting mouth, the daily cleaning and maintenance, the cutting height control and so on.
In the previous related technical articles, we have a detailed introduction to the technique and key points of the use of electrode cutting materials for NC cutting, especially in plasma cutting, so the use of the cutting nozzle for the CNC flame cutting machine is worth the attention of the enterprises and the operators. Where is the place? In the process of use, it is considered that the numerical control flame cutting machine is mostly used in the medium and thick plate processing workshop, the maintenance of the operating workers is not enough and the service life of the whole machine will have an effect, especially as the flaming cutting machine of the vulnerable parts, its maintenance and use is more difficult to be in place, leading to the excessive consumption of the cut mouth loss. From the cutting principle, the flame cutting of the cutting nozzle is a very important part of the high precision cutting surface, and the correct operation of the cutting will determine the final cutting effect to a great extent. To facilitate your understanding, we will explain in detail one by one:
Recommendation 1: timely dredge the NC flame cutting machine to cut the mouth and prevent clogging.
During the cutting process of NC flame cutting machine, the slag splashed in the high temperature state is easy to jam the cutting nozzle, so the cleaning and maintenance of the cutting nozzle is very important. When cleaning the nozzle, turn off the preheated oxygen hand valve; press the cutting oxygen button, open the cutting oxygen solenoid valve, close the cutter valve on the cutting torch, so that the cut nozzle is inserted, the dust is blown away, the needle is pumped up and down on the fast oxygen hole, and the oxygen hand valve is slowly opened by the torch. Wuhan jiad Germany, for the convenience of users, each device will distribute a set of needles, which can be reserved for users to use.
Suggestion two: the selection of cutting nozzle for numerical control flame cutting machine
Choose the suitable cutting torch type of CNC flame cutting machine. The selection of the nozzle type needs to be taken into consideration according to the gas and the material and thickness of the cutting, which is also detailed in the previous technical article.
Recommendation three: CNC flame cutting machine cutting nozzle height control
Set the appropriate distance between CNC cutting machine and cutting parts.  When the NC flame cutting machine is not automatically adjusted, the operator should always pay attention to the appropriate spacing between the cutting parts and the machining parts. When the top of the primary flame (the core of the flame) is about 1 millimeters on the workpiece, it is the ideal spacing for cutting the mouth. It is also necessary to adjust the cutting nozzle height according to cutting gas, for example, when acetylene is used from 3~10mm, from 6 to 12mm when using other gas. On the other hand, if the steel plate is deformed or not, it should be adjusted. When propane or natural gas is used as gas, cutting thickness to 50mm, cutting nozzle height should be doubled.

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