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Is the steel structure building a green market?

Part of the article: Popularity:Time:2018-07-03 16:31

Answer: as the country turns the town into the engine for the next step to lead the economic growth, the first domestic steel structure listed enterprise in Zhejiang, Hangzhou Shaw steel structure (600477, shares bar), looks at the opportunity for the Limited by Share Ltd to increase marketing and seize the green building market.
Data show that in 2011, China's urbanization rate was only 51.27%, while the urbanization rate of developed countries was as high as 85%. China has entered a period of accelerated urbanization. In January 1, 2013, the office of the State Council issued a notice on the green building action plan of the Ministry of construction and development and reform of the Ministry of construction and reform, issued by the State Office of the State Office ([2013]1). The notice stressed that the goal of the work was to achieve 1 billion square meters of new green buildings during the period of "12th Five-Year"; by the end of 2015, 20% of the new urban buildings were built. Standard for green building.
In order to seize this big market, Hangzhou Xiaogang structure started investment agency since 2013. Up to now, 103 agents have successfully joined. Covering 26 provinces and cities nationwide, in 2014, it planned to recruit 200 agents.
Considering that Hangzhou Shaw steel structure is the linkage of the 5 industrial sectors, the investment types include construction agent, engineering design agent, product agent sales and so on. The agent can provide industrial green architecture integrated system for customers by "combination boxing". The agency fee varies from 1%~9% to different item categories. In the future, Hangzhou Shaw steel will also strengthen the share of the agent in the wealth by ten all - all support means such as regional support, operation support, technical support, training, material and marketing.

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