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Application of welding technology in machine tool industry

Part of the article: Popularity:Time:2018-07-03 16:18

The machine tool industry is an important part of the machinery industry. It is the "master craftsman" of the machinery industry and the basic industry of the national economy. Machine tool products are machines that manufacture all machines. Their working accuracy is generally higher than the accuracy of machined parts. To this end, the technical level and service level of machine tools play a decisive role in improving the production technology and economic benefits of machinery industry.
Because the machine tool product's particularity has decided the machine tool structure extraordinary. For decades, casting structure has been occupying the leading position of machine tool structure. Casting technology has always been the leading technology of machine tool products. After 80s, with the increasing introduction of machine tool products, the structure of machine tool products has been used more and more welding structure, welding instead of welding, welding generation cutting has become the general development trend of machine tool manufacturing industry. Welding technology has also become an important basic technology in machine tool manufacturing, and it has developed from a single processing technology to a new comprehensive engineering technology, including raw material preprocessing, cutting and blanking, forming welding, post welding inspection and post welding. Completely changed the past decades of casting structure "dominate the world" situation, machine tool manufacturing has been inseparable from welding.

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