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What are the technical requirements of the industry standard

Part of the article: Popularity:Time:2018-07-03 16:16

echnical requirements for the industry standard for welding rollers are:
(1) DC motors or AC wide speed regulating Motors should be used to drive active rollers through gearboxes.
(2) the circumferential speed of the active roller should meet the requirements of the welding process, and the range of stepless speed regulation is 6 - 60m/h. According to different welding processes, the speed fluctuation can be divided into class A and B. The speed of the roller should be uniform and stable, and no crawling phenomenon is allowed.
(3) the precision of the manufacture and assembly of the welded roller frame should meet the 8 level precision requirements stipulated by the state. The material should be made of high quality steel, and the stress and heat treatment should be eliminated after welding.
(4) the roller rack must be fitted with a reliable conductive device, and no welding current is allowed to flow through the bearing, causing damage.
(5) the diameter of the roller, the rated load of the roller frame and the maximum and minimum allowable diameter of the workpiece should be in accordance with the regulations. If the cylinder type workpiece is welded in the anti axial movement roller frame, the axial channeling of the workpiece should be less than + 3mm during the whole welding process.
(6) the center distance of each pair of rollers must be adjusted according to the diameter of the cylinder parts to ensure that the angle of the two rollers is 45 degrees ~110 degrees.

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