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Classification of welding machine

Part of the article: Popularity:Time:2018-07-03 16:27

The welding manipulator has many structural forms, wide application range, long welding parts and matching machines to complete various welding operations. According to its structure and application characteristics, it can be divided into three kinds.
1. platform welding manipulator: platform welding manipulator is divided into two types: monorail trolley type and double track trolley type. In fact, there is a track for the monorail type welding machine, but the track is usually set on the column of the workshop. The movement of the bridge crane in the workshop often causes the vibration of the platform, thus affecting the normal process of the welding process. The mobility, usage and use of platform welding manipulator are not as good as telescopic arm welding machine, and its application in China has been decreasing year by year.
2. horizontal arm welding manipulator: this type of welding manipulator is divided into cantilever welding manipulator and telescopic arm welding manipulator according to the structure of the cross arm.
3. door welding machine: this kind of welding machine has two kinds of structure: one is the welding car is located on a working platform along the door frame, and can move along the track on the platform; the other is that the welding head is mounted on a set of lifting device, and the device is located on a sports car that can move along the rail of the beam.

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