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Troubleshooting and repairing of sliding shaft of CNC cuttin

Part of the article: Popularity:Time:2018-09-21 13:53

Numerical control machine tool in the use of the branch of the CNC cutting machine can be satisfied with a large number of production companies in the home processing, in the principle of machine tool operation, CNC cutting machine is still the first three axis transmission planning on the market, through the plane coordinate positioning to reach the intention of fine cutting down material. In some protection operations of CNC cutting machines, the main shaft and the sliding shaft are some of the main components of the transmission, some of which are relatively more corrected. The loss and fault of the two axes are mostly concentrated in the normal protection operation, and there are some requests on the application environment of the CNC cutting machine. There are more metal dust or residue in the workshop, which may cause damage to the parts.
Here are some simple ways to deal with the problem.
1. after the surface of the sliding bearing is injured, the preferred amendment should be the masonry method. Generally speaking, the bearing can be adjusted and repaired, and it can satisfy a repair cycle of CNC cutting machine. If the research injury is very serious and the repair allowance can not be satisfied, we need to think and replace it. After two half watt sliding bearings are damaged, the shim can be reduced, and the accuracy of the inner bore of the Bush is scratching after being assembled.
2. when the axle neck is injured, it can be used to wear small journal and replace sliding bearing. But the shaft neck grinding should not be too large, compared with the spindle of the machine tool, the grinding quantity should not exceed the surface hardening of the axle neck. Perhaps the thickness of carburization, nitriding, cyanide and the surface hardness of the axle neck should not be lower than the original planning hardness. For the transmission shaft, the shaft neck should not be less than the scale of the neck or the convex front of the front end of the installation.
If the welding repair method is used to correct the CNC cutting machine shaft, it is necessary to think about the influence of the welding repair heating process on the shaft's precision, mechanical strength and exterior hardness. After the journal is corrected, the journal bearings are usually required to be made of sliding bearings (or axle sleeves).

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